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Halo 3 available for preorders, retailers laugh all the way to bank

Not content with all the money they've raked in selling you Xbox 360 consoles they didn't have to sell, some major game retailers have begun taking preorders for the upcoming mega-hit Halo 3. Keep in mind that speculation, aided by some info from Bill G. himself, has the title launching concurrently with the North American release of the PlayStation 3. Apparently all they need to take your money is an idea of when a title is going to be released. Then again, Gamstop had Halo 3 available for preorder over six months ago!

If you think you need to pay $60 (especially when first-party 360 games have been retailing for $50) ten months ahead of time to secure yourself a copy, you're either stupid or insane. This isn't hardware; there will be plenty of copies to go around. Please don't simply hand your cash over to these companies to invest as they please while you get nothing in return. We all know their promise isn't worth much.

[Thanks, Jan]

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Slices Right1

12-28-2005 @ 8:43PM

Slices Right said...

Amen! Pre-ordering a game is ludicrous on the consumers part. They wouldn't offer pre-orders if the consumer didn't put their money up front. You would think most people learned their lesson with the Xbox 360 pre-ordering fiasco.


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Shane Osborne2

12-28-2005 @ 9:24PM

Shane Osborne said...

You guys are dumb to get a xbox 360 right now because it freezes during gameplay and messes up your tv wait a year and then get it but halo 3 will rock hard like a drowning pool concert


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o0 Spartan 0o3

12-28-2005 @ 9:56PM

o0 Spartan 0o said...

To the guy who said your stupid to buy a 360 now...I have two. Neither are having ANY trouble and I play every day, so shut your lame rumour spweing mouth.

Secondly, Id only Pre-order say 3-4 months away. When Bungie actually admits to making this game.


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Don Wilson4

12-28-2005 @ 10:02PM

Don Wilson said...

You've got to be kidding me.

On a side note, thanks so much for alerting the public that they do not have to reserve games. I love you guys. :)


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Slices Right5

12-28-2005 @ 10:29PM

Slices Right said...

Yep, I also have a 360. I have had no issues. No freezing. It does not run "hot". It does not mess up my television. Yes, there are problems with some of the 360's, but you also have to remember, that the only things you hear are the "bad" things from upset customers. The ones who you don't hear from are the ones that are too busy enjoying their systems. I also have numerous (15+ co-workers and long time friends that have the 360, and not a single one has had a problem).


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12-28-2005 @ 10:38PM

Brian said...

Um right cause all 360s freeze! actually... come to think of it (/end sarcasm) none of my three 360s freeze or mess up either of my tv's thanks for the imput though!


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12-28-2005 @ 11:28PM

Pzoned said...

Hey you know what's funny? is that this picture was proved to be photoshopped. The guys at have reported this over a month ago... God...


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12-29-2005 @ 3:51AM

tcc3 said...

I dont know why everyones so shocked by the retailers like EB inventing release dates. They do it for practically every major anticipated release. Doesnt anyone remember the EB / Gamestop preorders for Halo 2 almost 2 years in advance? "Preorder in time for Christmas...err I mean next christmas..err I mean August...Yeah November 9th, thats what we meant all along"


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Tom Crymes9

12-29-2005 @ 8:55AM

Tom Crymes said...

I hope people reading this understand that there will NEVER be a shortage of games, so there is no reason to pre-order, ever. I can't remember the last shortage of a CD or DVD based game. They are cheap to produce, and the stores I go to usually have hundreds in stock. I laugh every time a clerk tells me to pre-order a game because it will be "hot" and may sell out fast.

No matter the title I can stroll into a store any time during the release day and pick up a copy. Maybe if you had a title that no one expected to be popular and it sells like hot cakes, then you might see a sell out, but in general, don't pre-order.

Consoles are a different animal all together, but we all know about that.


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12-29-2005 @ 9:31AM

Crazyglues said...

Well let me just say Fu#$ GAMESTOP and EBGAMES they will never get any money from me... those rat bastards should not even be doing reserves anymore after the xbox 360 nightmare...

Someone has got to make them pay for saying they will have reserves for xbox 360 and then showing nothing.... are people really this stupid to reserve a game, and then reserve it from a place that couldn't even get enough xbox 360's to match half of the reserves.... Come on'

The dam company is a joke, I'll go to bestbuy and pick up my game no reserve just like I did for my xbox 360.... F U Gamestop and Ebgames... you guys suck... I'll never shop there again


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nuh uh11

12-29-2005 @ 9:43AM

nuh uh said...

Haha! I've never heard of any webstore in Sweden that actually requires you to pay in advance for the friggin' game. :P


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12-29-2005 @ 10:36AM

copa said...

Next time a Gamestop employee asks me to reserve anything, I will subject them to a five-minute rant about how was selling $1,000 XBox 360 bundles off of their website instead of filling the preorder that I had paid them for four months earlier.

Eventually, they will get the picture.


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C. Grant13

12-29-2005 @ 11:33AM

C. Grant said...

#7: Regardless of the veracity of the image, the retailers are taking preorders, so what was your point again?


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12-29-2005 @ 11:38AM

J-bob said...

From the ebgames website:

"Your credit card will be charged only when your order is processed. In some cases, we will process your order and authorize your credit card up to 10 days before the release of the product. This allows us to get the product to you faster."

If you preorder online you do not get charged until right before a product ships. This is different from in store preorders that require a deposit.


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12-29-2005 @ 11:43AM

FullHouse said...

On the issue of "freezing"... I have just purchased Perfect Dark Zero. When playing 4 player split-screen games (not on Live), the screen will freeze for a few seconds then continue as if nothing was wrong. Typical of a PC game that is overtaxing either the main or video processor. Note - I'm only running the game at 480p. No problems with overheating or other games yet...


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12-29-2005 @ 1:07PM

joe said...

yea the worse thing in the whole is they play on building false hope, and thats what these stores are counting on, the fear of you not getting one, "if you dont reserve it you wont get one" is all marketing bs though up by some corporate douche bag at barnes and noble who owns gamestop. They bang into your head that you need to resevere it or your missing out, after the halo2 lanuch last year ( being out in the cold at 12am) and this years horrible 360 lanuch(2 days in the rain running around new york city) i have offical moved on past all that crap, never agian will i wait in line for a consumer electronic device.

eb/gamestop is by far the worse at this, i really wish it would backfire on them and they take a quarter lost for all this bs.

I paid for a xbox 360 on june 8th, they finally filled my order on dec 21st, now what they should be forced legally to do is disclose in june when they offer the "pre-order" that first they were getting only 10 consoles(which was already figured out in there quarter business plans they new how many consoles they could buy) and display all this information before hand so i as a consumer can make a informed decision instead of being duped into think that they wouldnt let there employees get first crack at them further reducing the supply, then bundle those left over into crappy bundles that force consumer to buy kameo to increase profits and then leave the 4 or 5 of them for us consumers to scrap over.

and as far as 360 glitch trash talkers, in most cases i think they are:

1 under 18

2. didnt get mommy to buy it for them

3. jealously?

4. or have a MS bias

the console itself is insane peice of hardware anyone with half a brain and basic electronic engineering knowledge would know this, and any other idiot that thinks that the 360 is going to turn into the dreamcast, just doesnt get how games are really made, 360 has XNA which is why they will win. Sony's PS3 has dick, just to buy a middleware tree shader for PS3 cost around $30k so as developers are forced to choose to develop games for one or the other becasue of budgets i see PS3 being the rich kid alone in his mansion, where as 360 offers the largest software maker in the world as there backbone to buliding there games.

those of you that dont even know what XNA is:

and this is what its looks like

hopefully you all see the MS thought all this out and will in the end win out.


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12-29-2005 @ 10:34PM

Mark said...

Aha I just saw that exact same halo 3 ad at my local FYE. I thought it was funny.


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12-30-2005 @ 1:20PM

Ajax said...

yeah, preordering is fucked up. My cousin preordered 360 from this place, paying in full for some reason unknown to me. Come September, the store goes outta business- flushing my cousin's 400 bones down the crapper.


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12-30-2005 @ 9:51PM

Zack said...

Lol. You guys are nuts. You know why I preordered my Halo 3 back in June? The same reason why I got my Xbox 360 on Release date. (Which I may mind you, Ive not had any issues with my 360 what so ever.) So those who think Im an idiot... Second guess your desicion when I dont see you on Live months after Halo 3 is released.


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1-25-2006 @ 12:03AM

Jarrod said...

Does anyone remember halo 2? It sold out the first day. It was impossible to find them for at least 2+ weeks. I was calling stores everyday. Im not an idiot like you guys i reserved it for no money down from gamestop and i get it when it comes in. So they dont get my money yet. They dont get it early. Do your research before flaming them.


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