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Some games not backwards compatible?

mkdWe've gotten wind of some disharmony in trying to run a certain Xbox game on the 360. These kinds of growing pains are to be anticipated initially, as we weren't expecting all the titles to work smoothly. Mortal Kombat: Deception is listed as being backwards compatible with the brand new console, but the guys over at have found out otherwise. After booting it up, they discovered that it runs fairly well up until the action starts. Once you start fighting, it just falls apart.

Sketchy polygons would apparently bleed through the drawing plane. At one point, the game even slowed down so much to redraw polygons that it made it completely unplayable. And how about this rainbow effect? If you managed to score a 360, have you tried playing some of your original games that are listed?

[Thanks, Jeff]

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11-22-2005 @ 12:35PM

GL said...

I really hope they add support for Battlefield 2 for the 360. I want to play it so bad on my new 360 since my drive went out on ol' betty.


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Chris Benard2

11-22-2005 @ 1:30PM

Chris Benard said...

I can't play Burnout 3, and I'm pissed. I also can't play xvid's on the xobx hueg. I'm pissed. The fan is super dooper loud. I'm pissed. The power supply is huge, but I'm not pissed. It sits behind me behind the power supply. Who cares?

Ridge Racer MORE than makes up for the shortcomings. If you want to see pics of it on launch (mine):


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11-22-2005 @ 2:31PM

Chealion said...

Ninja Gaiden Black for the most part plays quite well, but in certain battles it drops frames like crazy. For examples when you first face two white ninjas on the first level unless you know the game will lag at that point you'll see most of your health disappear and watch the game seemingly stutter. It was most annoying. It ran, but it definitely lagged really hard in spots. I'm assuming it's a texture or something to display certain textures.


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11-22-2005 @ 5:12PM

Frogbrother said...

"Red Dead Revolver" has some questionable polygon issues... flickering in and out of view and such...


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11-22-2005 @ 7:07PM

JollyGreenGiant said...

Backwards-compatibility is a novelty anyway. In a couple months time no one will care.


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rigga rigga dan6

11-22-2005 @ 7:19PM

rigga rigga dan said...

I want somone to confirm that DDR Ultramix 3 that came out on Tuesday works on the 360 or doesnt world


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darren jackson7

12-03-2005 @ 12:29PM

darren jackson said...

I love all of the Tom clancey's games along with Farcry. i read that if i got the 'Fullyloaded' 360, that i could play these games. No such luck. does anyone have any idea if or when these titles will become avalable on 360. or better still a download patch to enable backward compatability?



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12-05-2005 @ 6:05PM

jamie44 said...

dude its awsome that the halo and halo 2 are compatibale, does any one know if it will work good on it??? i need to know!!


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Steve K.9

12-16-2005 @ 1:13PM

Steve K. said...

Well, I love my 360 but I am a bit dissheartened at the minimalistic list of games that are backwards compatible. Halo is cheeky and all but, unless you are one of the halo boys that live and die for it (not me, although cheers to Red Vs. Blue, those guys made halo interesting to me again after Halo 2 killed my love for the game) but what really dissapoints me is that the only ones on the list are for more of the non-old-schoolers. What about Elder scrolls 3? They stiffed us for 4 months for Oblivion, and now you cant even play 3. Poor play of ninja gaiden? These issues sadden me. At least we are finally getting a laundry list of RPGs with lots of shiny pretty graphics (provided the voice acting is good). I guess i have two questions, 1) Has anyone heard when they are going to get moving on making these games work i.e. date on new and relevant patch, and 2) (this more directed at microsoft) What is taking you so long to pull the thumb from your unmentionables?


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12-29-2005 @ 4:36PM

Ch4g3d said...

I popped in my Fight Night Round 2 game, and it had an update through X-Box Live for the game. However, it freezes on the load screen. LOVELY. Also want to confirm Showdown:Legends Of Wrestling Doesnt work on 360, as well as Fight Night Round 2.

MY BIGGEST Issue with X-box 360 is the TERRIBLE LACK OF WRESTLING GAMES. SUPPORT WRESTLEMANIA XXI, I can't believe they didn't do that to begin with.


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